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How can I book a pitch?Open +

Either through our reception desk or by phone on 0131 443 0404. In the near future you will be able to book them online.

How can I book a weekly slot?Open +

First of all we recommend you read the information on our Bonds Page so you understand how the booking works. If you are still interested then complete the form on the page and we will let you know if your preferred slots are available.

How much do casual and bond pitches cost?Open +

All prices are listed on our Prices & Bookings page.

I might not be able to log onto this website all the time, how can I still receive the latest news?Open +

Subscribing to our Newsletter ensures you receive all news items that appear on our website. Click here to subscribe

My question is not answered on this page.Open +

Please get in touch by phone or e-mail and we will be happy to help. All contact information is available by clicking here.

What Footwear is suitable?Open +

Flat soled shoes (trainers/gutties) and metal studded shoes are strictly not allowed.  Only rubber based studs, blades or astro turf boots are allowed.


How do I enquire about a private booking?Open +

Please get in touch to tell us more about what type of event you're looking for, our email address is right here.