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Hotel Premier League

Hotel Premier League is a five a side football league for anyone in the hospitality industry. They play in both Edinburgh and Glasgow.

For every competition they run, They have prizes and trophies to be won as well as the glory of course.

Results from matches will be posted on the website after 24 hours.

The season starts with the HPL Tournament, which consists of group stages and then a play off to the final.

The regular season is split into Starting (Apertura) and Closing (Clausura) leagues. If they get enough teams enter we have a Premier League and a Championship League.

New for this year they will be introducing the HPL Champions League which will be a knock out competition between Edinburgh and Glasgow teams.

You can join the competition either in September or March when the Clausura League starts.

More information like payments, prices and match times for each location can be found on the locations home page.

Registration To join the Competition in the Apertura League is now open just follow the link and enter your team now!!

Website: here